Sanya is the main tourist city in China and is visited by more than 11 million tourists every year, mainly from the mainland and from Russia.

Sanya in peak season (winter) is extremely busy and not pleasant to be in, as traffic is very heavy and the streets feel overcrowded.

Despite all of that Sanya offers 3 very beautiful beaches with extremely clear blue water in summer. Due to the heavy onshore winds in winter and the swell, the water does not look so clear as all of the sand gets brought up from waves.

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Kite Location

Sanya offers two main kiting spots which both have different seasons due to different location of the spots.

Sanya Bay

Sanya Bay’s Kite Season is from late June until the middle of September.

Sanya Bay is a 15km long bay in the heart of the city and offers cross-onshore winds and a quite heavy swell. These are not the ideal conditions for learning, as the waves can make it a little difficult for the beginner.

There are plenty of hotels in Sanya ranging from 100 RMB with your normal Chinese 3 star hotel going right through the range to 5000 RMB per night in a Luxury 5 Star Resort.

Sanya Whuzhizhou Island

Whuzhizhou’s Kite Season is from October until late Febuary and sometimes into March with a little bit of luck.

The conditions are good for learning as the waves are not so big at the beginning of the bay and the cross-onshore winds make it even easier.

For those of you into bigger waves can quite a few minutes further into the bay and have some nice big rolling waves, which can also be explored on a surfboard.

This spot is located in a sleepy little fishing village, brought to life by millions of tourists wanting to take the ferry to the island. There are a few hotels located at this spot, which range from 120 RMB, being your Chinese style 3 star hotel to a really quaint Mediterranean Style Bed and Breakfast which is priced around 350 RMB per night, depending on the time of year.


As it is the biggest tourist city in China there are plenty of things to see and do. On days with no wind you will not be lost for activities or sights to visit. These include, only mentioning a few, Monkey Island, the Pheonix Mountain Peak, Nanshan Hot Springs and the beautiful Yalong Bay.

You can also do a variety of other watersports here including the Wakeboard Cable Park, Sailing, Windsurfing and Waterskii.


There are over 1000 hotels to choose from in Sanya and we will help you find exactly what you are looking for.




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