Guannan Li from Shanghai

For my first water sport experience I chose kite surfing. I heard it was a good fun and a very rewarding experience. Nobody mentioned the difficulties and the exercises in patience that come along with it. I’ll be honest with you, it could have turned out to be one big frustration trip for someone so impatient like me if it would not have been for David. Everybody starts on a different level and me, I am an absolute newbie. I am generally uneasy in open water but had my mind set on learning whatever i could in three days. Nevertheless, David managed to give guidance, knowledge, comfort and support in just the right amount and at the right time. He made a huge effort to take us to the windiest spots on the island instead of sitting ard and waiting for wind – even if that meant driving for 40 minutes to some remote shore across the island. He was determined to make the 3 days count no matter what. More than a teacher, David turned these 3 days we shared with him into an unforgettable experience on Hainan Island. He is pretty much the best local guide you will be able to find. And by best i mean: honest, fun, knows his way around, speaks fluent chinese, and most importantly makes an effort in sharing what he feels for this place. David is not just a great teacher, he is a kind person who openly embraces all that comes to him in life. So if you find him with the same amount of openness you will have found a new friend. Wrapping it up: David, I’ll be back there soon!


Lenny from Shanghai

Probably best three days spend on a beach anywhere in the world. Yes, I’m looking at you Bali.

As I came in with major expectations about kite-surfing (been hooked ever since I saw this dude make a 10 meter jump) – David was quick to run me through the needed thinking points and put me back down with both feet firmly in the sand.

The three days roughly consisted of:

Day 1) understanding kite behavior; up and down, move, turning 8′s
Day 2) understanding kite behavior; being dragged out and in through the water by the kite without a board
Day 3) (hoping for board) understanding kite behavior; body dragging, bigger kite, getting lift-off, end of day board; failing miserably.

Yes, you read that right – after three days I was finally able to fail.

Kite-surfing is a tough nut to crack, but if you’re keen to crack it; David’s your man in China.


Sebastian, Shanghai

Actually I already took a kite class in Malaysia and Indonesia before I found kitesurfchina.com on beautiful Hainan Island. However I was surprised about my lack of safety knowledge even though I launched a kite before by myself.
David is really into detail if it comes to safety awareness and he introduces fast but efficient the risks and how to handle them. I really appreciate his approach of teaching. He gave me a lot of space to get experience on the water but was always close by for support.
Besides the very good instructions David provided also latest high quality equipment. All in all it was a great experience and I highly recommend this kite school.


Dennis from Shanghai 35 years old

Kitesurf China is very enthusiastic company. They have a great passion for the sport. They will give you a lot of personal attention. That is quite important because, not only will you learn better but it is safer when there is a good instructor by your side. I think taking an introductory kite surfing course from Kitesurf China is the best choice you can make.


Kieron and Danielle

David and Sebastian were amazing at transforming kite boarding from an intimidating challenge into an exhilarating accomplishment. We moved through all of the skills slowly and thoroughly until total comfort was achieved. We would highly recommend them for individuals at any level. We look forward to more lessons in the future!


Antoine, Shanghai

When I arrived in Hainan I had never put my feet on a kitesurf board before but I really wanted to try this sport. That was my first time on the island too. I basically chose this school for the location and possibility to always have wind, in a tropical environment. No regrets at all! Although it was golden week, the spot was very peaceful, no loads of tourists at all, beautiful seaside and good wind conditions. I found in David a very good teacher, patient (thanks for your patience with my poor relaunch of the kite!) and able to get the best of yourself. We went through the safety aspects, kite control, water dragging up and down wind and finally standind on the board in the 2 first days! Besides his great teaching skills, David is a very friendly person who knows how to share his love for kitesurf. I had amazing holidays far from Shanghai, with the feeling of being part of a familly at Kitesurf China among David and his nice and friendly staff ;-) I will come back as soon as my work allows me to!”