New Raceboard :)

After a successful season for me on the Kiteboard Tour Asia, David from Kite Surf China and I started to discuss how we can work together and we were both wondering how well a top rider in TT racing class on the KTA would do against the best guys in the Race Board Class?
The World Championship is in November on Hainan Island in China, locally organized by Kite Surf China and only 5 months away. David asked me, if I get you a raceboard do you have time to prepare and be competitive for the World Championships in Hainan China and what place do you think you would end up?

Since I know the top guys in the World are unbelievably fast so I guess I could do somewhere between top 50-75, to make the gold fleet I have to be in the top 30 and I must have more than a great deal of luck to make it so to be realistic I say that I hope I can make silver fleet after the qualification series.

Said and done I went home with a brand new P1 Rio Raceboard after the KTA finals in China Pingtan, sponsored by Kite Surf China.

I have started to practice on the new raceboard, since I have never had own a directional raceboard before it’s really hard to learn the jibe and tacks. After about 5 sessions on the new board one of the fins broke so now I can’t practice any more until I get a new set of fins. Pop from P1 was very quick to respond to my issue and immediately agreed to send me a new set of fins that were stronger, as I am probably a little heavier than the average Asian rider.

I have been invited by Flysurfer, who sponsor my kites and Twintip Board, to a slalom competition on the PKRA tour in St. Peter-Ording in July and I was hoping to use my new P1 raceboard in that competition and if the new fins arrive in time for me to continue practicing then I will enter my first competition on my new P1 Race Board. If I do not have enough time to practice before the event then I may just enter this event on my FlyRacer Twintip Board from Flysurfer.  

Lucky it’s still windy almost every day here in Boracay.