Wenchang is on the east coast of Hainan Island and is a well know city on Hainan Island and the cultural centre of Hainan Island. Wenchang has the famous Confucius Temple, which is one of the oldest buildings on the Island and a very famous School which is well known throughout China.

Wenchang also has one of the largest coconut plantations on the Island with over 500,000 trees and has not been spoilt by tourism. The water is not quite as clean as some other beaches on the Island but still is one spot where we really like to kite.

Wenchang Map


Kite Location

Wenchang’s Kite Season is from March to June and also October to February. The wind from the end of February till the middle of March is not very reliable.

We kite at the beach front of a hotel, which hosted one of the Kiteboard Tour Asia Stops in 2010.

This is not a flat water spot but the waves are not too big for learning. As it hosts the same wind as Boao, we do usually tend to end up in Boao, as it has flat water.


Wenchang has many sights which are worth seeing, such as the Confucius Temple, the Coconut Groves and Gaolong Beach. As it is not such a busy tourist destination you will still find a lot of local restaurants serving traditional food and of course Wenchang Chicken, which is famous all over China.

There are a few small bars and clubs int he city, so for those of you seeking nightlife then you will not be disappointed.


There are several hotels in Wenhang ranging from 70 RMB – 250 RMB per room per night. For the low budget traveler we have two hotels in the town centre that we can recommend for about 100 RMB per night.

The higher end will get you a nice clean room in a Chinese 4 Star Hotel right on the kite spot, which is where we tend to stay most of the time.

Wenchang Photos