Dongfang is a heavy industrial town on the west coast of the Island. There is not a lot to see and do here apart from Kiteboarding in summer, as it has great thermal winds.

Dongfang Map


Kite Location

Dongfang’s Kite Season is from March to August.

This is not a favourite kiteboarding spot on the island but if it is the only place with wind then we will make the journey up the west coast to Dongfang City. The kiteboard spot is about 25 minutes by car outside the city.

The water is not clean and the spot has waves, which does not make it an ideal learner spot but as it offers 25 – 30 knots of winds it does make it a great progression or advanced spot.


As Dongfang is an industrial city there is not a lot on offer in the form of entertainment. We tend to just go out for dinner in the evenings and then head back to the hotel for a good night’s rest.

Dongfang does though offer some of the best Chinese Restaurants that I have found in a long time.


There are several hotels in Dongfang ranging from 110 RMB – 400 RMB per room per night.

For around 200 RMB will get you a 4 Star Chinese Business Hotel which is more than adequate, as it is clean and well equipped.

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