Boao is a quaint little town on the east coast of Hainan Island. You can walk through the whole town in about 10 minutes. Despite that though, Boao has a lot to offer and is one of our favorite places to Kite.  This was also the reason that we made it the home of Kitesurf China.

Boao is very famous in China as it is the host to the annual Asia Forum, where most of the Asian diplomats come once a year to discuss how to develop Asia further. Special guest this year was Bill Gates.

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Kite Location

Boao’s Kite Season is from March to May and also October to February.

We kite at Asia Bay, which is a 5 Star Resort Hotel with a big beach development. They really support Kiteboarding in Boao and have given us the best location in Boao for our Kite School.

Boao was also hosting the 2013 IKA Kiteboard Course Race World Championships.

They are currently building Asia’s biggest water sports resort in Boao, which will include feature such as a Cable Park, Standing Wave Machine, Freefall Simulator, Lazer Tag, Quad Bike Course and all the usual activities such as Jet Skis and sailing.  This will be available in 2017.

We can offer 2 flat water spots in Boao, one of which is even a fresh water river, which is a lot of fun to kite on.  The spot right outside our front door has some small shore break and some nicer waves a little downwind.  There is also a huge sandbank about 1km off the beach, offering monster waves.


Boao has the coolest beach bar we have ever seen in Asia and is a must see spot. The atmosphere is very different during the day and in the evening, when all the oil lanterns are put out on the tables. The owner is a Chinese artist and has come up with the concept of having everything from reclaimed wood.

There is also a local teahouse called “Old Room”, which is in a traditional Chinese style building and really takes you back in time. Great place to sit in the evening and enjoy a cup of green tea.


There are several hotels in Boao ranging from 70 RMB – 380 RMB per room per night. For the low budget traveler we have two hotels in the town centre that we can recommend for about 80 RMB per night.

The higher end will get you a 5 Star room at the Asia Bay Hotel, directly on the kite spot.  Please contact us for current rates.

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