After having spent over 1 year living on Hainan Island, which is also named as “The Hawaii of China”, we have found out that the island has good wind condition all year round and some of the nicest Kiteboarding spots in Asia. ​In summer the Island offers a good thermal wind, and in winter there is strong north east wind. The Island offers everything for everyone including flat water spots good for learning and freestyle, wave spots, sea and fresh water spots, and many yet unexplored spots. Hainan Island is easily reachable from anywhere within the world. There are direct flights from Singapore and Hong Kong plus most Chinese Airports also offer direct flights to Hainan. We do not have a fixed location for Kiteboarding on the Island, as the Island offers several spots depending on the wind and the time of year. Below you will find a brief overview of our current kiteboarding spots. In case it is not the right wind direction or you get bored with kiteboarding at the same location for too long, then we can arrange trips around the island to find the best conditions for you. In this case we might stay overnight at different different hotels in order to offer you a variety in kiteboarding. Our aim us to provide you with the best kiteboarding time of your life.


July – September and October – Febuary
Sanya is the biggest tourist destination in China and hosts 2 very good kiteboarding spots, both with very different conditions.


March – July and October – March
Boao is located in the east side of Hainan Island and is our favorite spot. Boao is a small and quaint Chinese town which is currently going through major development.


March – August
Dong Fang is located on the west side of the Island and offers very strong thermal winds all summer long. This is not out favourite spot for kiteboarding but sometimes it is the only place that has wind.


October – April
Haikou is the capital of Hainan Island and also hosts its own 3 or 4 kiteboarding spots. Most of these spots have choppy water and the temperature is a little colder than Sanya.


March – July and October – March
Wenchang is located on the east coast of Hainan Island and is about 1 hours drive north of Boao. Wenchang is not a tourist destination, so the beaches are very quiet, leaving a lot or room for us.