Kite Surf China School’s success is built upon providing the highest quality, internationally accredited kitesurfing and powerkiting lessons possible to get our students up and riding quickly and safely. Our aim is to limit the course numbers to no more than two students per instructor and we have access to the most amazing kitesurfing locations on Hainan Island. Everything is focused around the student learning at their own pace, because with years of experience we have found out that this is the fastest way to help you achieve your goal of becoming an independent and competent kiteboarder or kitesurfer.

Kitesurfing itself is the fastest growing water-sport in the world, and although barely 10 years old recent advances in equipment and teaching practices have made this sport even more accessible to anyone keen to learn.

A common misconception of kitesurfing is that you need years of water-sports experience and massive strength, yet nothing could be further from the truth. Kites themselves are incredibly light in your hands when flown correctly and the key is good technique not brute strength, making the sport incredibly popular with riders of all ages, abilities and sexes.


(Minimum 2 people)
Including all equipment
900 RMB per person

3 day private course(1 on 1 tuition)Including all equipment
3600 RMB

(minimum 2 people)
Including all equipment
3200 RMB per person

I weeks all inclusive beginner course including Food and Accommodation.
8500 RMB for the whole week.

If you are looking on improving your existing skills then this is the course for you.
300 RMB per hour.

We offer a variety of Racing Course. Click for more details.

From: 160 RMB-1200 RMB