Advanced Kiteboarding Lesson

For those of you that are already confident riders and are looking to improve your skills then you have come to the right place. Kite Surf China offers advanced kiteboarding lesson in Boao, on Hainan Island, tailor made to suite your needs.

Wether you are trying to learn your first back roll, unhooked trick or handle pass we will be able to take you to the next level. We  will help you reach your goal in Kiteboarding and take you to where you want to be. Our experienced instructors will be able to make an assessment of your current level and advise you on the best way forward and on how to improve on your current skill set.

We used advanced teaching methods such as our BBTalkin Bluetooth Headsets, so that you are always able to stay in contact with you.  Our instructors will be riding next to you on the water and you will be able to talk to them with ease, using these waterproof bluetooth headsets.  We also now film your sessions using our drone and review the footage with you, this will give you the chance to review your progress/mistakes first hand and nail that trick a lot quicker.  You may also take the video footage away with you as a reminder of your kiting session in Boao.

Come and book your advanced kiteboarding lesson with is and you will not leave disappointed.  You can also come and visit us at our school  and kiteboarding shop in the Asia Bay Resort, in Boao on Hainan Island.

48USD(300 RMB) per hour.