3 Day Private Kiteboard Course

The 3 Day Kiteboard course is for the complete novice and is essential to help you progress as a kitboarder. 

In order to help you progress as quickly as possible we will use the latest technology in water-sports.  Our instructors will be coaching you on the water using BBTalkin Bluetooth Waterproof Headsets with 2 way communication.  We will also be filming your experience on the water using our drone and your instructor will review the footage with you, to point out what was good and where else you can improve.  We have found that this speeds up your learning dramatically and guarantees success on the water.

Day 1
On day one you will begin by learning the basics of kite control & safety protocol on the land. You will then continue that in the water covering launching & landing, site assessment, body dragging, power control and deep water safety pack downs.

Day 2
On day two you will put all of the kite skills you learnt on the previous day to the test as the board is introduced. From here you will enjoy your first short runs across the shallow water on a board.

Day 3
On day three you will put all of the kite skills you learnt on the previous day to the test as we move into deeper water. From here you will enjoy longer runs across the water, leaving you at a confident, competent and safe level to enter the joys of kiteboarding.

Please contact us to arrange your Kiteboarding course.

We will be able to take you to the most suited location on Hainan Island for you depending on the current wind conditions. Most of our lessons will take place at the Asia Bay Resort in Boao but our aim is not to leave you sitting on the beach waiting for wind, so we may take a road trip in search of the wind. The cost of the 3 day /12 hour course is 3200RMB including all use of our equipment.

580USD(3600 RMB)