1 Day Taster Course


Kitesurfing is the combination of kite flying skills and board control. Initially learning to control the kite is the most important factor, this is covered in the one day course whilst being safe, 90% practical and brilliant fun.  Our instructors will have you flying a kite in a very short amount of time and will then take you into the water to start body dragging.  Body dragging is using the power of the kite to fly through the water and is the fun part of the course.

  • Introductions and how to complete a safety assessment of the kiting spot
  • Fundamentals of kitesurfing – wind, sea conditions & introduction to the equipment
  • Beach Power kite / trainer kite flying to get a feeling for the first kite
  • Kite flying exercises and learning the wind window (where the kite flies and where it doesn’t)
  • Kite setup including laying out the lines, setting up the bar and safety equipment on the bar
  • Safe kite launch / land techniques + pre flight checks
  • Flying of Kites using harnesses (this is where we start using a big kite)
  • Understanding the depower system (how to control the power of the kite using the bar)
  • Learning about the safety steps to release a kite when something has gone wrong
  • Body dragging – the really fun part where the kite pulls us through the water!
  • Emergency pack down / Self rescue techniques (how to come back to the beach when the wind stops)

This course is designed for all of those that want to try Kiteboarding but do not want to complete a full 3-day course. Also fun for larger groups and families.  This course will take place at the Asia Bay Resort in Boao, on Hainan Island and lasts 3 days.

There are no requirements for this course and everyone can take part.  We will provide you with the kiteboarding gear, helmet and life jacket.  You should bring a T-shirt and shorts than can get wet, as well as some sunscreen.  Let the fun begin…….

144USD (900 RMB) per person