Who and what is KiteSurf China?
Kite Surf China is a Kiteboarding and Kitesurfing School and Shop based on Hainan Island, in South China. It is a foreign run School owned by David Chen from England.
What languages are spoken at Kite Surf China?
Here at Kite Surf China we can serve our customers in English, German, Russian, French and Chinese.
How many instructors work at Kite Surf China?
We have a team of 6 people working at Kite Surf China, 2 office staff and 4 instructors. 2 of our instructors are not full time and will come to our aid when things get too busy or if we cannot teach a customer in his native language. Please visit our about page to meet the team.
Are the Instructor Qualified?
Yes, our instructors are qualified and have reached different levels of the instructor exam. Please visit our about page to see their qualifications.
What other safety equipment do you offer your students?
Kite Surf China offers all students a very safe experience when learning Kiteboarding or Kitesurfing with us. All students get a helmet, life jacket, impact vest and boots for certain spots where there are small pebbles in the water.
Where on Hainan Island are you based?
We are based in Boao City, which is on the East Coast. On occasions where there is no wind in Boao we will take our customers to other locations on Hainan Island, to safely learn Kiteboarding.
How can I get to Hainan Island?
Hainan is very easy to get to. There are 2 international airports on Hainan Island, located in Sanya (south) and Haikou (north). These airports can be reached with a direct flight from all Chinese airports. There are also direct flights from Singapore, Bangkok and HongKong.
How do I get to your Kitesurfing School?
From both Haikou and Sanya you can conveniently take the high-speed train to Boao, which only takes about an hour and costs around 80 RMB. These trains run on average every hour and operate from 7am till 10.30 pm, 7 days a week.
Can you pick me up at the Airport?
Kite Surf China offers an airport pick up service at a reasonable price. In Sanya this is around 100 RMB and in Haikou around 200 RMB. Please contact us for a quotation, as the price will depend on which Kiteboarding spot we are currently using.
How long in advance should I book my course?
You should contact us one week before you plan to come here, as this will give us sufficient time to check the wind forecast and make sure that there is sufficient wind to teach in.
Can you arrange a Hotel for me near the Kite Spot?
Kite Surf China has preferential rates with many hotels located on or near the Kite Spots. Please let us know when you are planning to come and we will be able to send you details and prices about the hotels.
Why Hainan Island?
We believe that Hainan offers some of the finest Kiteboarding and Kitesurfing spots in Asia and we have wind nearly all year round. Hainan Island is a tropical island and the temperature on Hainan is warmer than anywhere else in China. We do not need a wetsuit, even in winter but need sun cream all year round.