Finally the world championship started and the first 3 days the wind was strong, almost 20kts. Unfortunately not strong enough for my 10m and to strong for my 15m so I was struggling trying to find the best kite for each race. The complicated rules forbid me to register a 12m kite when I already have a 10m and a 15m registered so I was never close to have a good kite for any race the first 3 days since the wind was more or less the same in the beginning of the competition.

My goal was to end up in the silver fleet after 2 days of qualifying but I did not manage to reach my goal. Only on the 4th day when the wind dropped down to 8-10kts and I could start to use my 15m and 21m kites and I finally made some good results. unfortunately we did only 3 races day 4 instead of 4 races as we had done the other days and I manage to score an 8th, 1st and 2nd place in the bronze fleet this day, so I’m very happy with my results for this day.

The 5th and last day of the competition was only for medal races but since Florin Gruber was more or less already the new world champion after day 4 is was just a fun race to watch not super exciting since the guy in second place Johnny did to many mistakes day 4 he was never a threat for Florian ho performed super good the whole week. Congratz to Froian.

The good part of have join the world championship is that I will bring a lot of new experience with me to the competitions in the future. I would like to thank The local organiser kitesurf china and the whole KTA crew for an amazing event without you guys it would not be this good event as it turned out to be. Thanks everyone.

Next up is a KTA competition in Thailand in the middle of December so I have about 2 more weeks to prepare for that one. at the same time we are trying to organise the world longest kitesurf competition here in Visaya, Philippines. So this week Kathrin Borgwardt and me will try to kite a distance of 100km in one day. Last time we tried we ended up swiming a long way from land….. I really hope we can make it this time.