As usual KTA put on a good event in Thailand in this first event for the season. With good weather and good wind (most of the time) for the whole competition and as usual great party’s.

I competed in two different classes, formula race board and Twintip race class. 
After a bad start for me at day 1 and 2 I finally at the last day of the competition, day 3 manage to win 2 races in the TT-class and climbed in in the result to 3rd place. In the last TT race for the whole competition the wind dropped and favored the lightest riders I finished in 6th place in that race but still I ended up in 3rd place overall. I’m super happy that i could hold on to the 3rd place overall.
In the race board class I ended up in 6th place overall.

I’m now after this event 3rd on the world ranking for TwinTip racing.
Next KTA competition is in end of January in Indonesia where I hope I can improve my position on the world ranking.