Nice event by the Philippine kite association with more than 80 riders registered in TT-racing.

It was a 3 days event and the first two days the wind was just enough for twintip racing around 15 kts so I was on my biggest Flysurfer kite, the speed3 21m the whole race competition.
I manage to get 3 first places in total of 6 races. The second day the wind was dropping down to 11-12 kts and I barely manage to get a 3rd and a 4th place in the last two races of the day before they stopped the competition. It was just enough to secure the 1st place with just one single point ahead of Jay Ortis and only two points from Carlos in 3rd place. Pretty lucky to get away with a win so close to those two guy just behind me in the final results.   


Last day of the event the wind was pumping hard and it was time for freestyle and hang time competition. I only join race and hang time and in the hangtime competition I finish 0.6s after the winner, pretty close but not enough.

I really looking forward to the next event on the PKA tour in Vigan in the end of January, but before the PKA competition in vigan I’m off to a KTA event in Indonesia.