Atte in Hainan, Boao.

I arrived here in Hainan and Boao at the world championship event site about a week ago, I directly meet with the new team rider of Kitesurf china Bitna KIM from Korea and I been coaching Bitna on the water every day now.
We are practicing tacks on our P1 race boards and it’s really cool to see how fast Bitna improving her skills on the water. We are using gopro camera in the frontlines of the kite to film bitna to learn from the video after training. We also been going through some rules and done race tactics in the “class room” to prepare our self for the worlds.
There is about one more week to train and prepare our self for the competition.

Soon there will be more people coming here and we will have more riders out there on the water to train together with.
The bay where we are training in and also where the competition is going to be held are really good with both flat water and waves if you go further out

I really look forward to the competition and to meet with the other riders.