I went to Europe in middle of June to attend some competitions.

I got a car sponsored from Volkswagen for my European tour. First i visit some friends and family before i headed south to the Eouropen Championships in Italy.  I drove through Germany, Holland,  Belgium,  France on my way down to Italy. Every day i stop at a new beach for a kite session.
At the European championship in the Twintip class at Gizzeria in Italy I manage to finish in 2nd place after the world champion Florian Gruber.


After the European championship I drove up and visit Flysurfers headquarter in south of Germany before I headed to the Swedish course race championship in Landskrona.
At the Swedish course race championship i manage to get the tittle Swedish Champion! I was pretty stoked about that.20140801_171101

Directly after the price giving ceremony i headed straight down to Germany to attend the PKRA world slalom tour and meet up with the Flysurfer crew and teamriders ho where there to compete and promote the brand.

In the PKRA slalom competition I finished in 11th place, one place better then last year in the same competition. 

Now it was time to Drive back to sweden and prepare for Red Bull’s long distance race the battle of the sund. This race is between Sweden and Denmark and then back to Sweden again. About 70km riding distance for a twintip rider. I went to Malmö a few days before the event to prepare. I rode the whole race course a few days before the event and planed my route for the race.

250 riders pre registered for the event and in my class about 170 riders showed up to the start. I compete in the twintip class and there was also a open class for hydrofoil and race boards that about 40 riders joined.

I followed my race plan and got the 1st place in my class, I also manage to beat 30 riders from the open class with my twintip ho was on hydrofoil and race boards. My finish time for the race was 2h and 42 min. 
I was pretty stiff in my legs after the race 🙂 IMAG0113_BURST010

Now it was time to drive back to Stockholm and return the car to VW and catch the flight back to Asia and the Philippines. 

I would like to thank my sponsors that made this European tour possible.
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