Atte in China

I bean training hard and almost everyday on the water since i got back to Boracay in the Philippines in September from the PKRA competition in Germany.

Still having trouble getting the tacks to work on the race board but the speed is good and unfortunate i manage to crash badly in full speed and cracked a rib. I could barely sleep for almost a week and only on my back. The wind was light the next few days after the crash so I could still practice on the board but I could not pull the depower strap with my left hand without it hurting a lot in the cracked rib. The pain started to go away slowly after a week but still after a month i could feel it. I think I have to buy an impact vest in the future 🙂

Right now I just finished another PKRA competition, this time in China Pingtan. The condition was really tuff in Pingtan with 2.5m big breaking waves in the middle of the slalom course. I manage to improve my 12th place from Germany to an 7th place in the slalom in Pingtan.
I also joined a Twintip race in Pingtan where I finished 3rd.

Now I’m on my way down to Hainan and to the kite center I’m  looking forward to train at the spot where the world championship will be held later in November. Hopefully there will be some other guys coming early so we could train together. I also looking forward to meet up with David Chen the organiser of the world championship and the rest of the KTA crew 🙂

With 120 guys at the start line at the worlds it will be an awesome event. My goal is to at least finish ahead of half of the fleet and finish somewhere in top 50.