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This bar is by far the lightest bar on the market. As the innovators and most experienced manufacturer of carbon kite boards we’ve used all our innovation and experience to use this, exceptionally light and stable material, in the manufacture of a new bar system. The SENSOR PRO bar is a result of three years development and while basically the same as our SENSOR 2 bar it differs significantly in the choice of materials.


The unibody bar of the SENSOR PRO is manufactured from an ultra stiff Carbon and Titanium compound. The weight is reduced to the magical 200 gram mark, with equivalent breaking strength and even higher stiffness.


The lightest bar on the market allowing extremely direct feedback and steering of the kite.


The brand new TECTANIUM® lines are high end tech. They were exclusively developed for CORE by a renowned German manufacturer. The all-black line sets are slightly thinner and 10 percent lighter, whilst boasting a 50 percent higher break load. The improved stretch resistance results in unequalled precise and direct steering, which is especially evident in waves or when pulling off kiteloops. It also enables explosive, and even higher jumps. The lines can effortlessly be adapted to varying lengths: 24, 22, 20 and 18 meter. Our TECTANIUM® lines also score highly in durability, thanks to the special coating process which results in the lines being considerably more resistant to wear and tear.


A high tech bar with a strong heart. In the middle of the Unibody bar is the secret to it’s strength. Thanks to a specially constructed titanium insert (level 5 – the highest grade) the SENSOR PRO is able to boast extreme break loads and stiffness whilst being as light as a feather. These attributes also result in a crisp flying feel.


One Bar, four line lengths. The SENSOR PRO bar system allows four different line lengths to be attached to only one bar. Instead of the standard 24 meter lines, the bar is equipped with VARIO LINES, also manufactured to the highest German standards. The triple segmented line sets consists of an 18 meter base length with two and four meter line extensions. All segments can be freely combined enabling the SENSOR PRO bar system to effortlessly be adapted to varying line lengths: 24, 22, 20 and 18 meter. The SENSOR PRO bar therefore always delivers the right line length – whether it’s freeride, big-air, wave, freestyle or killer kite-loops.


Replacement made easy. The depower lines are threaded through the middle of the bar by channel formed inserts. Their special material acts like a lubricant and prevents line wear and tear. These inserts can be easily and cheaply replaced without any tools.


The best of three worlds. The SUPPORTED SINGLE FRONTLINE SAFETY combines the advantages of single line safety, double frontline and fifth line safety – without inheriting the disadvantages of each system.

When you release the kite it will blow out, without pressure on only one front line whilst the second front line leads the kite into a stable, very comfortable and especially safe re-launch position. This is a distinctive advantage for hard freestyle training or in the waves and will also save beginners and intermediates a lot of time and effort


Always works. The self-unswivelling of the CORE bars has been setting high standards for many years, as it sorts the lines out, in any and every situation without issue. CORE has always designed the lines to twist and cross below the bar. When you pull the bar down the lines are left with little option but to sort themselves out.


So easy – just turn. The release mechanism, which can be turned in either direction, allows for intuitive emergency release in any situation. It has been proven that the turning motion allows for more force to be exerted. In addition to this and unlike conventional systems, you don’t need to fight against the water flow. The ROTOR system not only more than fulfills the highest standards, but it also sets new standards in safety, as regularly proven by independent tests.

Another tangible advantage is that compared to push systems, the ROTOR quickrelease has a noticeably compacter and lighter design, whilst also bringing the depower adjuster closer to the riders reach. Not only more comfortable but also resulting in better safety in critical situations.


Fine trimming. The forces acting on the cleat adjuster are reduced to a quarter by an additional loop over a metal pulley. The result is the exceptionally smooth and precise operation of the adjuster, even in the upper wind limits. The levels of comfort get even better as the depower throw can be easily adjusted to suit the size of the rider by simply moving the cleat adjuster.


Durability by following sound advice. A small but refined detail of the SENSOR PRO TECTANIUM® lines are their spliced line ends. They aren’t simply finished off and secured with a parallel stitch, but rather eloquently spliced before being stitched. This guarantees higher strength and better aerodynamics, while laying out of the lines is also noticeably smoother.


All kite sizes respond to one bar. Thanks to the ability to easily adjust the knot of the steering lines, at the end of the bar, the size can be extended by six centimeters from 46 to 52 centimeters. With this the SENSOR PRO bar covers the full kite spectrum from 5 to 19 sqm.


Extra short equals extra safe. All CORE Bar systems are equipped, as standard, with the SHORT SAFETY LEASH. The leash is only 50 cm in lenght with the release being found at the front of the harness, which is perfectly placed for easy handling while in the riders viewing angle. The release mechanism stays attached to the kiters harness. Studies have shown that only a small percentage of kiters regularly ride unhooked, but nevertheless you’ll find lots of long leashes on the water. Pure cool factor with high levels of risk. Longer leashes are not only less safe when released, but they also regularly get tangled in all and sundry.


Get a grip. Thanks to the stronger 0.5 millimeter EVA-coating and more defined profiling, the SENSOR PRO bar offers noticeably more grip and comfort that will definitely be appreciated during longer sessions.



Designed for pros who are constantly riding unhooked. Makes hooking back in easier, but also extends the distance to the adjuster.


The PRO Leash enables unhooked rotations i.e. handle pass jumps. The leash is noticeably longer than the standard short safety leash and is probably the only leash on the market where the release mechanism can’t get caught under the harness hook.


The SENSOR PRO bar is compatible with the GTS3, GTS3 LW, GTS2, GTS, GT, Riot XR3, Riot XR3 LW, Riot XR2, Riot XR2 LW, Riot XR, Riot XR LW and lots of 4-Line-Kites by other brands.



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