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Product Description

Core Fusion Board

Core Ripper Waveboard

The team was given the go ahead, after the last extreme test on Maui, to implement the all-in-one concept under the CORE Brand. In choppy waves or glassy reef waves, big and small: the Ripper is at home in all wave riding conditions. It allows for powder-like turns – precise and with a lot of pressure on the rail. The Ripper rips every wave. Everywhere.

For aggressive riding or in beach break surf the Ripper is best with straps and a front grip pad. Strapless, with only wax under your feet, allows for the most surf like feeling. To develop this diversity in a board the Ripper shape was developed by the CORE and CARVED team riders in both the best waves on the planet as well as the choppy seas of the North and Baltic Seas.

With moderate tail rocker and slightly more volume in nose and tail the Ripper planes early and through lulls easily. This mass distribution gives you that balanced ride charcteristics you need in turns and jibes. The rails are rounded in the middle and sharpen at the tail for aggressive turns and smooth riding.

Robust Sandwich Construction

The design combines an uncompromising ride experience with robustness. The Ripper is manufactured in a sandwich design to not only withstand high pressure on the water itself but also any rough treatment whilst being transported on a plane. For increased impact strength, the Ripper is encased in a tough, outer layer of PVC. The CORE is made of light-weight performance foam which is surrounded by several layers of glass. This provides the Ripper with a uniquely good ride experience.

Only the best accessories

We incorporated a high-quality FCS style thruster set-up in the Ripper. This has two advantages: the typical surf feeling and should your fins make some unwanted contact with a reef, spare parts are available in almost every surf shop in the world. The straps are up there with the best of them: “Da Kine” straps give you accurate grip whilst maintaining the free surfing feeling

More than 30 years board manufacturing experience

The Ripper is backed by the CORE and CARVED teams and Bernie Hiss. 10 years of custom board manufacturing experience, from CARVED, and over 30 years board manufacturing experience flow into the production of a high-end series board.




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