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Core Riot XR3

You decide, which style you want to ride.

  • The new Riot XR3 is the considered further development of the highly successful XR2.
  •  The new generation of the cross ride kite has even more hang time, power and agility for waves. Comfort and safety are, as always, of the highest standard.
  • Freeride / Freestyle / Race / Wave

The intelligent ARC makes the Riot XR3 a true jumping machine. The inspiration behind the Intelligent ARC comes from nature: As a bird is able to glide without flapping its wings, for long durations of time, so to the Riot XR3 spreads its wings when the bar is pulled in. We call it Big-Air power on demand.

This principle allows for a more powerful down stroke which assists with early planing. It also reduces shear forces. Upwind ability is also made more efficient as a result.

Conversely the projected surface of the kite is reduced when depowered, like a flying bird. This adds to the agility of the kite when depowered and allows for precise turns. This characteristic makes the Riot XR3 ideal for riding in the waves.  


The Riot XR3 is the first kite to benefit from the use of the exclusive CoreTex® Triple Ripstop fabric. It not only increased the durability, tensile strength and air permeability but also infuses the kite with a very crisp ride.

  • Robustness and Durability with the improved coating
  • Even more performance and a crisp ride experience
  • Less stretch for delay-less steering and drive


  • Massive jump height and endless hang-time with the optimized profile and Intelligent ARC
  • Crisp pressure build-up with the new CoreTex® fabric
  • Dynamic turning ability and the most direct kite feedback with the new Short Bridle System

  • Linear power on demand and precise bar feedback even when depowered
  • Instant auto relaunch thanks to the Delta Design
  • Speed Valve 2 and Speed Pump System: quick inflate and deflate

  • Pressure-less release on the virtual fifth line
  • Massive depower for safety and control even when over-powered
  • High levels of safety with the SENSOR-Bar


Core Riot X3


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