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The Riot XR3 LW (Light Wind Edition) allows you to enjoy even more days on the water. In addition to improved light wind performance the Riot XR3 LW stands for agility and pure ride joy, even when the wind is blowing at less than 10 knots.

The LW directly benefits from the new developments of its little brother, the Riot XR3: The new Short Bridle System allows for a very direct bar feeling and dynamic feedback when steering the kite. This enables real kite loops, which were previously unheard of during light wind sessions. The constant focus on light wind build methods gives the Riot XR3 LW its performance abilities in light wind conditions. As an example we use thinner tubes and CoreTex® Light-Fabric in our production. Despite being as light as a feather the sophisticated construction allows the kite to hold its own when the wind picks up. Thanks to its dynamic properties, the Riot XR3 LW makes you feel as if you were flying a noticeably smaller kite, whilst topping it off by being an absolute Hang-time Machine.


  • Direct bar feeling with dynamic feedback when steering the kite
  • Crisp ride experience and real kiteloops in light wind
  • Applied lieght wind construction, thinner tubes and the new CoreTex® Light Canopy

Lightwind Performance

  • Early planing ability and easy upwind ability at under 10 knots
  • Massive jump height and hang-time
  • Plenty of depower-reserve for strengthening wind


For the Riot XR3 LW the new Short Bridle System was specifically tuned for light wind conditions. We were able to improve on the, already impressive, agility of the predecessor. Dynamic steering Precise kite feedback Feather light bar pressure

The Riot XR3 LW makes use of the CoreTex® Light-fabric. It not only increased the durability but also infuses the kite with a very crisp ride. Robustness and Durability with the improved UV-protective coating Even more performance and a crisp ride experience Less stretch for delay-less steering and drive
The Intelligent Arc makes the Riot XR3 LW a true jumping machine. The inspiration behind the Intelligent Arc comes from nature: As a bird is able to glide without flapping its wings, for long durations of time, so to the Riot XR3 LW spreads its wings when the bar is pulled in. We call it Light-wind-power on demand. This principle allows for a more powerful down stroke which assists with early planing. It also reduces shear forces. Upwind ability is also made more efficient as a result. Conversely the projected surface of the kite is reduced when depowered, like a flying bird. This adds to the agility of the kite when depowered and allows for precise turns.
A real comfort feature of the Speed Pump System is the new Speed Valve 2. You’ll be able to pump up your Riot XR3 LW in a significantly shorter time whilst being able to deflate the kite in seconds. This is a huge comfort advantage with the big LW-Kites. How is this possible? The pump hose is able to be placed inside the Speed Valve 2 valve. This allows the air to flow through the almost three times bigger valve diameter without hindrance. Improved Speed Pump System with the new Speed Valve 2 Quicker inflation Deflate in seconds Compatible with the standard pump hose The Riot XR3 LW features the proven CORE Speed-Pump-System: The tube is positioned in a service friendly manner – tight and streamlined with the fabric.


CORE_RiotXR2_LW_stylefinder.pngThe CORE Intelligent Trim System allows you set the bar feedback levels and turning speed individually. The turning speed can be adjusted from “middle” to „agile” and finally to “super agile”. The bar feedback levels can be set from „medium” to „direct” and finally to „super-direct“. The bar pressure is adjustable from „superlight” to „light” and finally to „middle“. You can customize the settings to suit your individual and session needs – within seconds. The kite’s factory settings are ideally set up for 90% of all kiters. The Riot XR3 LW impressed with its prominent early planing ability in light wind conditions. It allows you to cruise in comfort with easy and efficient upwind ability. The Intelligent-ARC allows for massive power for high jumps and hang-time – on demand. To maximize the light wind performance of the Riot XR3 LW we supply, as standard, the kite with line extensions. You will find these at the front of the kite bag.


Safety is the cornerstone of our products. The SENSOR-Bar guarantees the highest safety standards. The Riot XR3 LW is precisely tuned to the SENSOR-Bar System. The intuitive safety release is activated by turning the ROTOR-Quickrelease with a minimum level of effort. In contrast to the conventional push-out system it requires no power against the flow of the water. This gives you an extra level of safety. The SENSOR-Bar System allows for a pressure-less release on the virtual fifth line. Re-launching is easy and safe. The big linear depower range of the Riot XR3 LW adds to the safety and control elements even when over powered.

  • High safety levels with the SENSOR-Bar System
  • Pressure-less release on the virtual fifth line
  • Easy Auto-relaunch and big linear depower range



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